Thank you for your interested in booking a session/wedding with the Click Chick!

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Please email me directly at to introduce yourself and get more information!



  1. Nicole


    I am interested in taking some boudoir photos. I thought for Christmas for my husband but maybe for Valentines Day as Christmas is so close.
    I am in Hamburg NY outside of Buffalo. Where do your photos take place? I do not mind traveling but just in case you travel what would be the extra cost?
    How much nudity is involved? Do you do full nudity, artistic? or just lingerie? I have talked about this with my husband and he would like some full nudes if I ever did it.
    He doesn’t know I am inquiring about this. I am just trying to figure out what it all entails.

    Thank you for your time


    • clickchickimages

      Hi Nicole! I just emailed you a response to your inquiry…if you don’t see it be sure to check your SPAM folder. I look forward to working with you! Kara Marie

  2. Nicole Giannelli

    Hi! My husband is deployed and I wanted to surprise him with some boudoir photos. Can you send me some more info please…. thank you!

    Nicole G

  3. Nathan

    I am getting ready to come back from Afghanistan for good wrapping it up here now. I would like to get into modeling. I was wondering what you could possibly do to help me out with getting a portfolio started and/or a photo shoot that I could use. Is there anyway that you can help me out with this?

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