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Erin + Aaron are HITCHED!!! | Austin TX Photographer

You guys. Selecting just 100 images was next to impossible for this freaking adorable couple’s wedding highlights. They are just so awesome. Erin is the sweetest and most gorgeous bride…and Aaron is SUCH a freaking blast–had me laughing throughout the duration of their engagement and wedding photos!  These two compliment each other SO perfectly and I am genuinely honored to have been there to capture their big day.

Their ceremony and reception were both held at the stunning Villa Antonia. Their Simon Lee cake was one of the best things I’ve ever tasted (every tier was a different flavor of fabulous).  And I think they had more cameras on them than the Kardashians.

This is just a tiny sampling of the awesomeness that was their wedding photos….

aaronerinwed_0003 aaronerinwed_0004 aaronerinwed_0005 aaronerinwed_0006 aaronerinwed_0007 aaronerinwed_0013aaronerinwed_0008 aaronerinwed_0009aaronerinwed_0010aaronerinwed_0011aaronerinwed_0012aaronerinwed_0014aaronerinwed_0002 aaronerinwed_0015 aaronerinwed_0016 aaronerinwed_0017 aaronerinwed_0018 aaronerinwed_0019 aaronerinwed_0020 aaronerinwed_0021 aaronerinwed_0022 aaronerinwed_0023 aaronerinwed_0024 aaronerinwed_0025 aaronerinwed_0026 aaronerinwed_0027 aaronerinwed_0028 aaronerinwed_0029 aaronerinwed_0030 aaronerinwed_0031 aaronerinwed_0032 aaronerinwed_0033 aaronerinwed_0034 aaronerinwed_0035 aaronerinwed_0036 aaronerinwed_0037 aaronerinwed_0038 aaronerinwed_0039 aaronerinwed_0040 aaronerinwed_0041 aaronerinwed_0044 aaronerinwed_0042 aaronerinwed_0043 aaronerinwed_0045 aaronerinwed_0046 aaronerinwed_0047 aaronerinwed_0048 aaronerinwed_0049 aaronerinwed_0050 aaronerinwed_0051 aaronerinwed_0052 aaronerinwed_0053 aaronerinwed_0054 aaronerinwed_0055 aaronerinwed_0056 aaronerinwed_0057 aaronerinwed_0058 aaronerinwed_0059 aaronerinwed_0060


PHEW. Now I feel better. It was not easy holding on to these while they honeymooned in the Bahamas. 😉


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