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Rylee + Chris are HITCHED!! | Spicewood Vineyards Wedding Photographer

Wowza. I love this wedding. This couple is just oh-so-adorable. Rylee is a teacher, Chris is a musician. They are both insanely nice, have great style, and totally nailed this whole “wedding” thing! Chris and the guys opted to wear jeans because “It just wouldn’t be right for them to wear anything but jeans and boots!”, and Rylee knocked ’em dead in a stunning gown. Guests signed a guitar rather than a guest book, exited with glow sticks rather than sparklers, and had a kick-ass band rather than a DJ. It was all pretty amazing. But just in case you don’t believe me, I took a few pictures to prove it.

brazeal_0004 brazeal_0005 brazeal_0006 brazeal_0007 brazeal_0008 brazeal_0009 brazeal_0010 brazeal_0011 brazeal_0012 brazeal_0013 brazeal_0014 brazeal_0015 brazeal_0016 brazeal_0017 brazeal_0018 brazeal_0034 brazeal_0036 brazeal_0037 brazeal_0038 brazeal_0039 brazeal_0040 brazeal_0041 brazeal_0042 brazeal_0043 brazeal_0044 brazeal_0045 brazeal_0046 brazeal_0047 brazeal_0048 brazeal_0049 brazeal_0019 brazeal_0020 brazeal_0021 brazeal_0022 brazeal_0023 brazeal_0024 brazeal_0025 brazeal_0026 brazeal_0027 brazeal_0028 brazeal_0029 brazeal_0030 brazeal_0031 brazeal_0032 brazeal_0055 brazeal_0033 brazeal_0054 brazeal_0056 brazeal_0057 brazeal_0058 brazeal_0059 brazeal_0060 brazeal_0003 brazeal_0002 brazeal_0001


brazeal_0078brazeal_0079 brazeal_0077brazeal_0061 brazeal_0062 brazeal_0063 brazeal_0064 brazeal_0065 brazeal_0066 brazeal_0067 brazeal_0068 brazeal_0069 brazeal_0070 brazeal_0071 brazeal_0072 brazeal_0073 brazeal_0074 brazeal_0075 brazeal_0076brazeal_0082 brazeal_0080 brazeal_0083 brazeal_0081 brazeal_0084 brazeal_0085 brazeal_0086

For your viewing pleasure, I present the highlights slideshow!  The song playing is performed by the Chris Brazeal Band (That’s the groom’s band, y’all! Sweet!!)

Photography: Click Chick Images with Mylah assisting

Venue: Spicewood Vineyards

Florist: STEMS

Cake: Sweet Treets 

Caterer: Salt Lick BBQ

Decor: STEMS

Planner: Marie at Spicewood Vineyards

Entertainment: Mark Mckinney Band

Bridal hair and makeup: Kendall of Mayhem Beauty 


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