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Erin + Aaron are gettin’ HITCHED!!! | Austin TX Engagement Photographer

Meet “the Aerins” ( <–Yes, that’s me being clever and blending their names. Give me a break, I thought it was cute!):  A second grade teacher (Erin) and a paramedic (Aaron) who are in playful, in love, and whose personalities wonderfully compliment each other.  I met them this weekend at the Long Center for their engagement session. We had a great time, talked about their wedding, played with their adorable puppy (who makes an appearance in the photos!), and made some beautiful photo magic. Here are some of my favorites!!!

clickchick_theerins_0001 clickchick_theerins_0002 clickchick_theerins_0003 clickchick_theerins_0005 clickchick_theerins_0004 clickchick_theerins_0006 clickchick_theerins_0008 clickchick_theerins_0009 clickchick_theerins_0010 clickchick_theerins_0007 clickchick_theerins_0011 clickchick_theerins_0012 clickchick_theerins_0013 clickchick_theerins_0014 clickchick_theerins_0015 clickchick_theerins_0016 clickchick_theerins_0017 clickchick_theerins_0018

YAY! Photo mission accomplished.


Congratulations to Erin and Aaron on their engagement and upcoming wedding plans!!!


For more information on Austin TX wedding and engagement photography, visit the Click Chick Images website.  For availability or to book, email


  1. Myla16

    I follow this chicks blog (click chic) .. She is from Erie and moved to Texas and has really grown her photography business to something great… Anyway, I like this girls hair in the photos:) wish I had the time and energy to put into my hair Sent from my iPad


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