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Family Photo Friday: The Holtforts | Austin TX Portrait Photographer

When a family comes to me and says “Hey, we want family photos…but we don’t want them to look like your typical family photos. We want to look cool. Like an album cover.”, my usual hesitation to photograph something outside of my specialty goes right out the window, because “cool” and “album cover” are right up my alley!

Meet the Holtforts.  *Joslyn & Bud, Cole & Abby*

This amazing family of 4 was SO super fun to work with.  The dashing-I-can’t-believe-she’s-even-old-enough-to-be-a-mom-of-teenagers-mom there, Joslyn, is actually a photographer herself. And Abbey, aside from being a rocking family photo shoot model is a budding photographer. So with 4 photographer eyes watching my every move *eeeek* we spent an hour rocking the heck out of Butler park for non-family-photo-family-photos.

holtfort_0002.jpg holtfort_0003.jpg holtfort_0004.jpg holtfort_0005.jpg holtfort_0006.jpg holtfort_0007.jpg holtfort_0008.jpg holtfort_0009.jpg holtfort_0010.jpg holtfort_0011.jpg holtfort_0012.jpg holtfort_0013.jpg

Looks like a family you want to be your neighbor, doesn’t it!?  I think so too.

A big thank you to the Holtfort family for being awesome.

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