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Cheers to you, 2014!

So I’m a day late in posting my “Happy New Year” blog post….one of my “resolutions” for the new year is to not sweat the small stuff…so if that means my Jan. 1st blog post actually rolls out on Jan. 2nd, no big freaking deal 😉


But seriously, 2013 was good to me. If I didn’t already know that 2014 was going to be even better, I might be sad to part with 2013. But I do…so I’m not. We expanded our family. We moved into a new house. My husband’s business grew. My business grew.  My kids grew (more awesome). I started taking better care of myself (more of that to come in 2014), I started being nicer, though my husband might disagree. I’m not a die-hard resolution-maker, but I would like to be more mindful and present this year in both my personal and professional life. I also want to learn a LOT. A WHOLE lot. I have a HUGE list of things on my “to-learn” list ranging everywhere from unique wedding reception lighting set-ups to learning the Italian language. My brain hurts just looking at the list, but in a good way 😉

Our move to Austin, Texas continues to prove to be the smartest decision we have ever made.  Both my husband and I have been blessed with the most loyal and awesome clients…which, in our industries, is the ultimate key to success.  One of my favorite things to do at the end of every year is crunch numbers.  NOT tax-related numbers…because that is my least favorite thing to do…but client/business related numbers.  I check in on this periodically throughout the year, too, but my year-end count is always very eye opening.  Do you know what I discovered this year? 84% of my clients in 2013 were repeats.  Meaning, (stating the obvious, here), they booked me more than once for photo shoots. Many of them have used me more than 4 times, too. THAT, is just incredible to me. There are THOUSANDS of photographers in Austin. THOUSANDS. Knowing that my clients are making the conscious decision to use me again and again makes my heart pitter patter.  I also discovered that 20% of my clients are other photographers! Talk about nerve-wrecking! But it’s also a huge honor to be selected to photograph another pro’s life!  While I am ecstatic with my business as it is at this very moment, there’s always lots of room for improvement and I am excited to cultivate a more efficient business and a better experience for my clients in 2014.

I wish I would have been organized enough to save my favorite photo from every single photo shoot in a separate “2013 favorites” folder to share them all with you now. I didn’t (BOO). But here’s some of my favorite images from 2013 🙂

smedley_0004.jpg giles_0011.jpg clickchick_ryleechris_0002.jpg clickchick_fineart-1 clickchick_newborn_0006.jpg clickchick_kerryrich_0005.jpg clickchick_heatherchris_0015.jpg clickchick_yanci_0011.jpg clickchick_shannon_0008.jpg clickchick_mylah_0013.jpg clickchick_perrywedding_0025.jpg clickchick_family-5 click chick-13 tara_0002.jpg clickchickfam_0017.jpg clickchickfam_0008.jpg ashjack_0018.jpg 001-sang 001-alyssa 001-ashley jackielaura_0009.jpg carlywhimsy_0002.jpg karamarie_0001 kendallbrock_0001.jpg LBOBLOG_0064.jpg LBOBLOG_0020.jpg simpsonwedding_0036.jpg clickchick_0039.jpg DSC_8469-Edit clickchick_0005.jpg clickchick_0019.jpg clickchicklaura_0008 clickchickliz_0002.jpg clickchickglam_0003.jpg 20130513-095701.jpg la_0001 ludwick_0009.jpg birth-blog_0019.jpg frisbee_0039.jpg frisbee_0020.jpg 0069-STEPHproof jonneterry_0004.jpg candicekyle_0011.jpg harlee_0003.jpg kate6mos_0004.jpg palermo_0006.jpg

Thank you to every single person to views this blog, comments on it, “likes” my Facebook posts, retweets my Twitter babbles, and refers me to their friends and family for their photography needs. Y’all keep me workin! AND.I.LOVE.YOU.FOR.IT. xoxox


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