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Tara + Nathan are ENGAGED!! | Austin TX Engagement Photographer

If you caught yesterday’s blog post, you saw that I snuck back to PA for a personal visit. I **MAY** have also snuck in a few shoots while I was there. Yeah I know, I’m incapable of taking a weekend off. But LOOK—adorable pictures of an adorable couple resulted!!

Tara and Nathan are not only a super cute engaged couple, but Tara is actually also a photographer. When photographers book me to photograph them, I get a little giddy slash terrified. What a frightening honor 🙂

Since I was on such a truncated time table, the only option for shooting was starting at sunrise on Sunday morning. Tara didn’t even bat an eye at the 7:00am start time! Sunrise proved to be beautiful this particular morning.

Ok, I seriously wanted to put this girl in my pocket and take her home to Texas with me. I think I told her that a few times during the shoot, too. Totes adorbs ( <– I absolutely cannot believe I just said that. I’ve never used that expression in my life. Probably because I’m not a 19 year old socialite. But I digress.)


Aren’t they just so cute they way they snuggle up together?! I love when my couples aren’t afraid of a little snuggle action!

Congratulations to Tara and Nathan on their engagement!!! I’m so happy I had the chance to document a little bit of that love on my quick trip back to Erie!

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