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If you’ve followed me on my blog and social media long enough, you know that I’m a quote girl.  That’s the main reason why I ADORE the blog “Tiny Buddha“.  They post what always seems to be the most RELEVANT quotes.  Lately I’ve been feeling pretty bogged down by adult responsibilities. You know, those gross feelings like stress, anxiety, overwhelmed-ness (shut up, it’s a word.)  I have SO many amazing blessings in my life, and sometimes I let all those icky feelings overshadow my blessings. I need to work on that.  Right when I was in the depths of creating my week-long insane to-do list, Tiny Buddha posted this little gem:


“You don’t stop having fun because you get old, you get old because you stop having fun.” ~Unknown

Yes. That.


It reminded me of so many photo shoots of families with young children. Mom and dad always seem to be trying to get their little one to look at the camera and smile. While those images can be priceless…most of the time…you just need to let them play to get photo gold.


002-violet001-sang001-alyssa Don’t forget to play. 🙂


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