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I ADORE engagement sessions. They come with every single wedding package….and yes, I require them! An engagement session will help me to see how you and your fiancé interact together, how you photograph together, and gives you a chance to be on the other side of my camera before the big day! There is a lot that goes into an awesome engagement shoot, so I thought I’d break it down for you.

I like to allow my couples to choose their own engagement shoot location. Think a little deeper than “park” or “Capitol Building”. Try to think of things that you and your fiancé like to do together on a date night. Think about where you had your first date or where your proposal took place. A meaningful location makes for more meaningful photos.


If there isn’t a particular location you have in mind, then think about including props or activities in your shoot that have personal reference. Are you foodies and you have a great kitchen? Why not have some fun cooking together? Do you LOVE wine? Let’s grab a bottle, some glasses, some cheese and crackers and have a picnic in a field. Are you two the long-running champions of game night? A board game in the park could make for a perfect photo situation. There truly are no rules. Let’s get creative. If you’re TRULY STUMPED, let me know and I’ll pick your brain for ideas.DNG_8080logo



Another point to take into consideration when planning your engagement shoot is your couple style. Are you cuddle-in-the-park kind of people? High fashion on the town? Tattooed and eclectic?  That should have a say in your photos too!  Two tatted up hipster ladies making goo goo eyes at each other under a willow tree might not make sense.  Just as two PDA-lovin’ sweethearts might not look naturally placed in a grungy warehouse. Your couple style is MEGA IMPORTANT when planning your engagement shoot, so don’t forget to incorporate it.

candicekyle_0011.jpgjackielaura_0009.jpg kendallbrock_0001.jpg

After the general “theme” (I SO hate that word. Try not to take it too literal) and location is selected, we’ll want to choose a time. If the shoot is to be outdoors, you’ll have two choices–morning, or evening. I revolve outdoor shoot times around the most flattering lighting. That typically is within about an hour of sunrise, and the hour before sunset. Trust me, I’m not just being a picky artist, here…you’ll be glad you went with the most flattering light!

Engagement shoots generally run about an hour. If a little extra time is needed it’s not a big deal…but I typically find that anything shorter than an hour isn’t enough time to get a whole lot of variety, and anything much longer than an hour results in stale smiles, boredom, and (being that we live in Texas), sweat and melted makeup. You are more than welcome to bring an outfit change if you would like to add a little variety to your shoot. I usually advise that clients wear what they would wear out on a date. It doesn’t have to be a FANCY date, but you also should be in more than flip flops and a t-shirt. Bright, bold colors and accessories that add originality to your look are best! I tend to warn away from black (I’m such a hypocrite. All I wear is black) and all white.  Don’t be afraid to tap-dance on the lines of your comfort box!  That’s often when you’ll get the best look!

THERE! That should get your wheels-a-turning! Now let’s rock your engagement shoot!

For more information on Austin TX engagement and Austin wedding photography, visit the Click Chick Images website.  For availability or to book, email


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