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Carly’s Whimsical Glamour Shoot | Austin TX Glamour Photographer

When it comes to loyal clients, Carly takes the cake! She has booked…let’s see….I want to say 6 photo shoots with me? Is that right, Carly? That=awesome. Repeat clients make my heart pitter patter.

So when Carly told me she wanted to book a whimsical glamour session, I immediately started brainstorming skirt colors. I knew that her skirt couldn’t be just a solid color. And I knew it couldn’t be a light color. Knowing her and her personality, I had to go with something a little different than the other sessions I’ve done so far. I opted for chocolate brown to compliment her hair, eyes, and most of all–her freckles. To add some personality, I threw in some zebra striped tulle! Now we’re talking.

We had a fab session in the fog and humidity that is Erie! Here’s a few favorites:


Thank you to Lindsey Allen for the fantastic hair—ooh la la–great job! And double thank you to Carly for always playing along with all my crazy ideas (“Go climb that tree, will ya?”).

For more information on whimsical glamour sessions in Austin TX, visit the Click Chick Images website. For availability or to book, email

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