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My world…

Every now and then…


but every now and then I pull out my camera when I’m at home with my family. And when I do, pictures like this happen…


Be still, my heart.

This weekend, my 5 year old, Anthony asked me if he could use my big camera to take some photos. He’s always expressed interest in taking photos. In fact, he often catches me in embarrassing moments via iPad camera, and promptly emails the photos to his nannas so they, too, can admire his mad paparazzi skills. However, this was the first time he had asked me to use my “real” camera. It was sitting nearby with a battery pack and the 24-70mm lens. I hesitated, and thought briefly about changing it up to a smaller, more manageable lens for such tiny hands. I reconsidered and handed him the camera. I showed him how much it weighed, explained that it was a VERY important piece of equipment, and showed him the basics of zooming, focusing, and taking the shot.

He brushed me off, saying “Yeah yeah yeah, I know how to take a picture, mommy! Go sit over there with Max”. So I sat down with my baby on my lap. “Give him a kiss on the cheek!” I held my kiss on Max’s chubby cheek while I listened to Anthony try to focus on us a few separate times before finally firing the shot. He was meticulous and thoughtful about what he was capturing. In one try, he got this:


I couldn’t be a prouder mommy.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll notice that 97% of my photos are of my kids because, let’s be honest, all I do is hang out with my kids (97% of the time). I’ve come to realize that it’s mostly concentrated with photos of baby Max….but that’s because when I try to shoot Anthony, this is what happens: DSC_1876 …and Max still can’t run away from me.

Take pictures of your kids, and take them often, people!! They don’t have to be professional quality–although every now and then you should give your iPhone a break. I still look at the horrendous-quality-out-of-focus-flashy-red-eyed-snapshots of Anthony when he was a baby and I cherish them. BUT if you hire a professional, you’ll at least have wall art 😉

One comment

  1. Stacy

    These are awesome. My 2 1/2 year old is hard to photograph right now also. I had one of my wedding photogrpaher friends try and take some photos of her, it lasted about 15 minutes. Now I don’t feel do bad.

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