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This past weekend I headed back to good ol’ Lake Erie to photograph the wedding of Lauren and Bobby. These two stole my heart after their Yacht Club engagement session last year and, after hearing all about their big day, I I don’t want to reveal TOO much before the newlyweds return from their Jamaica honeymoon…so I thought a blog post about the DETAILS would be a good little taste of how amazing this wedding was.

Lauren’s mom, Sandy, is a designer…and as you’re about to see…she’s a fabulous one. They spent 18 months planning, shopping, and selecting all of the amazing pieces you see.


Here’s some words from Sandy (who also happens to own Trellis in Erie PA–if you’ve never been… about the details:

“When your reception starts at 5:30 and lasts til 11:00, you want table flowers that wow during the daytime and candles galore when that sun goes down. Small empty white vases where on the bridemaids table for their bouquets, and at the main table, I put a large white vase in the middle and Lauren’s bouquet doubled as the centerpiece. Last year, I ran into a closeout on Mottahedeh teacups and mismatched saucers for $3.00 each. The saucers worked perfectly for the flavored butters on the table and we filled the teacups with Virginia cocktail peanuts. The peanuts were a shout out to the state Lauren went to college in…her beloved JAMES MADISON UNIVERSITY in Virginia. The vast majority of the tabletop was purchased at Dollar Tree or discount stores. It is actually less expensive to purchase outright plates and glasses BUT it means more work on the poor woman nuts enough to travel 3 states in a day looking for enough to host a party of 250!

The salt and pepper shakers at the tables were crystal pagodas. Pagodas are pictured in the blue willow placemats and also go nicely with the Chippendale benches. After the wedding they made great tokens to give to so many friends and family that lent a hand. Using the couple’s favorite engagement picture on a banner in lieu of the traditional guest book was Bobby’s sister’s idea.

The BAR even had a story…I tried to pick only spirits in Blue or Clear bottles ….think BOMBAY gin in that sexy blue bottle…BUT when it came time to pick scotch and whiskey..well nothing worth drinking comes in that color bottle. I gave up that idea and let the men in my life finish the bar purchases. The four of us [ Lauren, Bob,Jim and I ] put together a list of all our favorite wines . We love discovering new wine and thought the wedding was the perfect place to have guests try our favorite merlot or melbec. At the end of the night the bar passed shots of chilled creamy lemoncello and also fireball whiskey. That was a homerun idea, everyone loved it ! The last thing we wanted was a reception where everybody sat at tables all night. So…I put my designer hat on and created areas of conversation away from the main tent. The Chippendale benches by the band made a great “catch your breath til the next good song starts playing” hang out. A separate area of cocktail tables and barstools created a party atmosphere by the bar and kept the cigar smoke down from the diners. Heads up to anyone planning a wedding, I did not realize the cigar bar would be such a popular place. We ran out of cigars and 200 monogramed matchbooks early in the evening. With a design background I had tools from my trade to use when putting this whole affair together. Address all 5 human senses . Sight is easy: make it visually beautiful AND interesting. Sound: best money ever spent on a band, Chozen Few rocked it big time. Smell: check that off with flowers and candles…my husband remarked several times about his gardenia on his label. Taste: the food was months in the planning with the caterer using some of our family recepies and several trail runs. One of the most popular passed treats was a twist on grilled cheese. Take extra thin Pepperidge farms bread and spread cream cheese with chopped mild jalapenos, butter outside of bread and grill. YUM! I warned you Kara, I could go on and on …..”

There will be TONS more on this wedding (I have it narrowed down to 100 images for the blog…oy.) once Lauren and Bobby return from their honeymoon!! Stay tuned!!

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