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I’ve had this photo project series brewing in my head for over a year now. Yesterday I finally got started. It took me countless hours to make this skirt…I was up to my eyeballs in tulle for what seemed like forever. As I was constructing it, I thought—this just isn’t right. This is NOT as awesome as the skirt I had in my head. So then I started my internet search for the perfect skirt. Come to find out, the perfect skirt that I had in my mind DID, in fact, exist…but it cost roughly $800. Hm. Back to the DIY project. It ended up turning around just fine!

Flash forward to the shoot day…

I showed up to the venue extra early to scout out the perfect spot and the perfect light. I had my earbuds in and I was jammin’ out to some Michael Jackson. I came around the corner and found THE perfect starting location right as Michael was bellowing “Don’t stop ’til you get enough”! Ohh my goodness. The structure, the light, everything. It was just so juicy. It was EXACTLY as I dreamed of it. I headed back to my car to meet my client who would be arriving any moment. While waiting, a bus was letting off a slew of elementary school kids on a field trip. Oh joy. Now I’m thinking about how much photoshopping I might have to do to get the curious kiddos out of my shot. While I’m pondering my kindergarten scare tactics, I noticed that my client probably couldn’t get in to the venue because the school bus was MAJORLY blocking traffic. Just as I was about to flag down the bus driver to let her know there were about 20 cars waiting…cruising up to the bus comes a groundskeeper on his golf cart. He was on a mission to move that bus (Extreme Home Makeover anyone? Anyone? Nevermind.) He began to instruct the bus driver to get out of there, and as he did, she backed into his golf cart…which then smashed into my car. The poor click-mobile. After about an HOUR of dealing with insurance, school police, city police, and both drivers–my deliciously perfect light was starting to become harsh and unpleasant. Noooo! This can’t be it! This day can’t be ruined!

And it wasn’t. It worked. I don’t know how…but it worked. And it worked well. Alas–the finished product :


The biggest shout out ever goes to my client, Yanci who COMPLETELY owned that tulle and rocked every.single.shot. ALSO–my INCREDIBLY talented makeup artist and hairstylist for completing the look JUST how I’d imagined it! THANK YOU Kendall from Mayhem Beauty. STELLAR job all around!

I can’t wait to continue working on this series. I’m finding that I’m a little obsessed with outdoor glamour.

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  1. Yanci

    Kara, I love these.. They are absolutely beautiful and thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your series! I can’t wait to see what’s next!

  2. Linda

    If its nottoomuch trouble, could you tell me how you got that shot focusing into the sun without your subject being “blacked” out?
    🙂 linda

    • I exposed for the subject rather than the background so my subject was “properly exposed” (my style is overexposed–that’s proper to me) and the background was blacked out. 🙂

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