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Kelly and her ultra-fabulous posing abilities | Austin TX Photographer

One of the perks of working in a creative industry is meeting other creative professionals. Kelly is one of those…only WAYYY more so than I am! On top of being an amazing photographer, she is also a very talented actress and voiceover extraordinaire. Every now and then I’ll catch one of her commercials on TV and get to say “I KNOW her!!”. All of her abilities compounded made for one easy, fun, and successful photo shoot yesterday! She is SUCH a natural in front of the camera. See for yourself:

We started with your typical headshots….

Then added some color…
005-clickchick_kelly 006-clickchick_kelly.jpg
I mean, you know you’re dealing with an awesome person when they show up for their photo shoot with multi-colored snakeskin tights, right?? YESSS.

One comment

  1. Kelly Cameron

    Hot DANG, I want to hug you right now! Thank you so much for your fabulous work, the super fun experience and (oh, I’m blushing so bad) the super sweet post. Big hugs and super thanks, Ms. Click Chick!

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