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Occassionally when my schedule allows and a nice enough person asks, I’ll teach one-on-one beginner’s photography sessions to budding photographers. Such a time occurred this week when Steven emailed me, mentioning he was in from out of town and was interested in learning more about photography and shooting in Manual. We met over coffee earlier this week and chatted about the boring technical stuff, which was followed by yesterday’s hands-on shooting experience (YAY! Way more fun, right!?)! When I’m doing a “shoot-along”, I refuse to have my “students” practicing on flowers, landscapes, and other inanimate objects…we need a living, breathing, moving human being capable of showing emotion. That’s where miss Jordan Monday comes in! Jordan is an event planner-slash-designer-slash fashionista and APPARENTLY she could be a model, too! She did a stunning job playing pretty for us and being patient while I taught Steven the ropes.


And here’s a few of my favorite shots that I snagged along the way…


What a knockout, right?! I think she made things a liiittttle too easy on Steven on his first relaxed portrait shoot!

For more information on relaxed portrait photography in Austin TX, visit the Click Chick Images website. For availability or to book, email

If you’re an aspiring photographer and would like a little help getting started, I do accept a limited number of one-on-one coaching sessions for beginners. Feel free to email to inquire and set something up!

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