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Ready for Santa! | Baby Rush | Austin Photographer

With Christmas right around the corner, I get to take the rare opportunity to accept a few extra children & family sessions for my existing clients! I was so, so, SO excited to photograph little baby Rush, the gorgeous 9-month-old daughter of one of my clients, Yanci. They had oodles of outfits, photo ideas, and baby biscuits all set up and ready for their photo shoot. Rush was seriously the best-behaved client after being put through an hour and a half of endless outfit changes and attempts to make her smile. What a trooper!


Yanci spotted an image of a baby wrapped in Christmas lights on Pinterest, and wanted to re-create the same type of shot. So we stationed mom on one side, dad on the other, and had to make frequent interventions to keep Rush from trying to teeth on the Christmas lights! (**Disclaimer: No babies were harmed in the making of this image.) The resulting image(s) were so worth the effort!

Waiting for Santa…

The whole (beautiful!) fam…

Sometimes you get the best shots on accident…in-between takes…in the kitchen…


We wrapped up the shoot in Rush’s palatial nursery. SERIOUSLY the coolest nursery ever. Mommy is mega crafty and certainly knew how to create a little palace for her princess!


As if I didn’t have baby fever bad enough! This photo session put me over the top!!!

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