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BOY or GIRL? You can stop asking now :)

In the last 24 hours I’ve received a few dozen texts, emails, and phone calls, pretty much DEMANDING that I reveal the gender of our little muffin that is currently in development.  We had our ultrasound yesterday, and now we know.

Matters weren’t helped when I posted THIS “teaser” photo with colorless balloons letting everyone know I’d be making the big announcement “tomorrow”. That fueled the fire and brought on the barrage of messages and votes.

About 150 people told me what they thought I was having, about 140 of them said “It’s a GIRLLLL!!!!”

Want to know if you were right???

Scroll down……..


OHHH the suspense!



No, we haven’t picked a name yet!  So that’s still up in the air for now. But you better believe that I’ve got my Etsy registration (yes, I discovered today that you CAN REGISTER ON ETSY!!! completed and a Pinterest pin board just waiting to be pinned! We are very excited about the news!

We know we’re SOOO mean for knowing for a FULL 24 hours without telling y’all…but we wanted to tell our family first!

Since we’re in Texas and they’re all in PA, I decided to put on a little gender reveal via Skype.  I had my friend Kim bake up a little batch of goodness today filled with blue frosting to reveal to our families.

The disastrous Skype call (8 people in a room and no one can make Skype work to chat with us. Sigh.).

Everyone in my family thought it would be a girl as well.

But if there was one person who knew ALL ALONG, it was our little-man-slash-big-brother, Anthony! Having a girl wasn’t even an option for him…

 I love that in the ultra sound picture, baby boy is WAVING—or flipping us off because we woke him up so we could figure out if he was a he or a she!I’m so looking forward to putting the baby in this awesome onesie that one of my clients, Carly, gifted us!!

So there you have it!! That’s the news I’ve been withholding! Glad you all know now, I can go crazy on Pinterest without worrying about spilling the beans!


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