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FEATURED on Style Me Pretty!!!! | Bailey + Wilson’s true Texan Wedding | Austin Wedding Photographer

Let me preface this post by saying I am typically not one of those people who gets all hyped up over just anything. If I bumped into a celebrity on the street, I would say “Sorry. Excuse me.” and not “OHHH.MYYY.GOOODDDDDDD!!!” (unless it was Johnny Depp. Then I can’t be held responsible for my actions). But when I got the email from Style Me Pretty saying that one of my weddings would be featured on their blog, I fanned my hands in front of my eyes, said “OMG” about a million times, and…yes…even cried.  When I posted on Facebook that Bailey + Wilson’s wedding was going to be featured, someone commented “If wedding blogs were like colleges, being featured on Style Me Pretty would be like getting into Harvard”. How true.

My stalking of SMP began at the verrrrry beginning of their fabulous blog, when I was a wedding planner. I used it for inspiration, aspirations, and a means to procrastinate.  This is the ULTIMATE wedding blog. They are very exclusive, as they’d have to be because they receive hundreds of submissions daily from the best photographers in the country.  When I began my photography business, being featured on Style Me Pretty was one of my goals…and it remained so until today. Now it’s a reality and I couldn’t be more flattered/blessed/honored/giddy/ecstatic!

Though, I can’t really say that I’m surprised this wedding was chosen. It was full of INCREDIBLE details, colors, and people. Bailey and Wilson did an unbelievable job taking the most important day of their lives and cultivating it into an event that was overflowing with personal touches, DIY projects, Texas charm, and fun. I love when clients like this find me!!!

So there you have it. I will be smiling from ear to ear today and nobody can stop it! Here’s to *hopefully* many more features!

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