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Tia + Jason are HITCHED!!! | Austin TX Wedding Photographer

Saturday was my first opportunity to photograph a wedding at the stunning Hummingbird House…seriously…every nook and cranny of the property was stunning! Add in a SUPER adorable, sweet, and happy couple, and the setting is even more beautiful! Tia and Jason’s wedding was just lovely! Here’s a little preview from the day 🙂

Here’s the groom getting all studly, captured by my second shooter Tiffany Chapman.

LOVE this shot of mom helping Tia with her veil…

Doesn’t this place look like a scene out of a fairytale movie?! So enchanting!!

The weather and the light were a little less than cooperative…so after the ceremony was pushed back due to rain, a very short period of time between the ceremony and the reception, AND the sun setting especially early, portrait time was very limited. BUT–we knew we had to get this shot!!!  I LOVE how dad is back there with his shotgun! 

Check out the look on flower girl #2’s face here! 
The flowers were stunning, as was the amazing cake by Crazy Cakes….

Even more awesome was this NINTENDO groom’s cake!!! How sweet is THAT?!?!?!  AND both cakes were gluten-free!

Classy and elegant choreographed first dance……was interrupted by the groom’s posse who were sporting custom-made and extremely expensive helmets inspired by Daft Punk. They did an awesome robot dance to Technologic. the end of the night I scouted out a photo opt amidst these pretty lit trees. So romantic!


There will be much more to come on this wedding via the slideshow I’ll post next week!

CONGRATULATIONS to Tia and Jason!! They were truly adorable and so much fun to work with!

For more information on Austin TX wedding photography, visit the Click Chick Images website.  For availability or to book, email


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