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When he was 5 (and I was 16), he told me he was a magician. He asked me to step into the Christmas tree box in front of us so he could make me disappear.  Being the ever-cooperative sister I was, I stepped into the Christmas tree box that was, coincidentally, at the top of the staircase. He closed the box tight, said the magic words, and pushed me down the flight of stairs where I landed, opening-side down at the base of the staircase. I was trapped for several minutes, screaming wildly, until our parents came to my rescue.  Until this day, my little brother Aaron is responsible for my claustrophobia.

LUCKILY, he’s grown up into a slightly nicer kid with a good head on his shoulders…and a little stud-muffin to boot.

I have been attempting to take his senior pictures all summer, but my insane schedule hasn’t really allotted me the time to fit it in.  Sad, but true. This past weekend, being my last weekend shooting in Erie this year, I had to get it in! I had about 30 minutes to shoot, and not enough time to drive anywhere. So, we shot in my mom’s backyard. 🙂

Aaron is an extremely talented guitar player AND crazy awesome soccer player. He is also single. But ladies, you must first pass a screening with his big sister before I can put you in contact with him. {Have I embarrassed you enough yet, little bro??}

Too bad my senior pictures weren’t this cool…yet another example of how older sister got the short end of the stick 😉

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