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Laura the Lovely | Austin TX Glamour Session

You wake up every morning at roughly the same time. You make your coffee, forget your breakfast, get in your work clothes, you pay 99% of your attention to your family and 1% to yourself, sometimes you MIGHT even put makeup on before you head out the door. You go through your day to day routine…and if you’re like most women…along with forgetting your breakfast, you forget to do a little something special for yourself every now and then. I have photographed a plethora of women over the years and I would say the majority of them had a slight variation of the same story (myself included).

Meet Laura; a 28-year-old pharmacist trapped in a supermodel’s body. I know, I know…life is tough for the utterly gorgeous.

Even without makeup she is over-the-top adorable. Once my makeup extraordinaire, Lauren from Hint of Shimmer, got her hands on her…she became a total bombshell.

This is not my first time photographing Laura. In fact, it’s my 3rd. And each shoot leaves me more and more speechless. This girl is just INCREDIBLE. But even this girl forgets to eat her breakfast on occasion (eh hem. Like today.)


Amazing.  I truly wish that EVERY woman would do this for herself at LEAST once every 5 years….regardless of what photographer you use (but…um…pick me!). It is liberating and a much-needed confidence boost/pick-me-up that EVERY woman needs.  Glamour photography is for everyone. Regardless of age, profession, marital status, or size. Everyone deserves to feel awesome for a day and a little bit more awesome every time they look back at their photos.

For more information on glamour and boudoir photography in Austin TX, visit the Click Chick Images website.  For availability or to book, email



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