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Kelsey + Lee are HITCHED!! | Austin TX Wedding Photographer

Last Saturday in Erie PA it rained, and rained, and RAINED.  When I got to Allegheny College where Lee and Kelsey’s wedding ceremony would be held….it rained some more. Everyone’s heard that rain on your wedding day is good luck, but we all know that’s a story some rainy day bride created to make her feel better. IN THIS case, though… couldn’t have been more perfect! The rain STOPPED at exactly the right times (time for pictures) and left a dark grey sky—which, if you don’t know, is the BEST light for photographs! Woo! I was a happy camper!  Their day was beautiful and Kelsey and Lee were so happy. Here’s some highlights from 8/11/12…

There was a lot of good vibes being passed around in the girls’ getting-ready room!

Lee was beaming at the site of his bride walking down the aisle…

There was a point during the ceremony that this beautiful voice broke out into song. I frantically searched around the church for the voice so I could capture the singer’s photo…and then it hit me. It was the GROOM!  Lee had the most amazing singing voice and he sang to his bride at the altar.  This sent my pregnancy hormones into a tizzy and I bawled silently behind my camera. Mr. and Mrs!The boys were pretty silly during their portrait session…which is fine by me!
I believe the premise behind this image was “Christian album cover”…the guys set themselves up in these positions and it was pretty hard for me to actually TAKE the photo when I was laughing so hard.

The girls wanted to re-enact the cover from the movie Bridesmaids. Cute idea!!! I think they nailed it! On to the couple!
We then headed to a vibrant cinema that I saw on the way to the ceremony and thought “I NEED TO USE THAT!” And this amazing wall art right next to the cinema was just a happy little surprise that I hadn’t noticed when driving past earlier! Win!
Up next was the reception at Zem Zem in Erie. The newlyweds danced their way into the reception and never stopped…...except to cut the cake. Their expressions during the cake cutting were awesome!
I’ve reserved all of the garter toss/bouquet toss action for the slideshow that’s coming up next week…but I HAD to show this one preview. This is a shot that I KIND of got of the eager fella who caught the garter.  I hadn’t exactly anticipated a running high kick right in front of me….but the blurryness (a word? I say yes!) of it kind of adds to the spontaneity of it all. Much more on this wedding to come!!

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Whittelsey!!!

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