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Renee + Brydon Wedding Highlights Slideshow

Remember this super duper gorgeous couple?!

I photographed Renee and Brydon’s wedding celebration a few weeks ago, and put together a little slideshow highlighting their big day!

Bump your resolution up to HD and check it out!



Also, I have posted a little tribute on my Facebook page shortly after the tragedy…but I felt as though I should also make a tribute here on my blog.  Renee’s brother Kyle was killed in a car accident just a couple of days after the wedding. This is obviously a very tragic and untimely situation and my heart is just utterly broken for Renee, her family, and all of us who knew or even just had the chance to meet Kyle. It didn’t take long after meeting him in high school to know that he was extremely like-able, friendly, and kind. Kyle was fun-loving and genuine. Seeing the outpouring of love, mourning, and memory-sharing amongst his family, friends, and even acquaintances makes it obvious what a great guy he was. So, in memory of Kyle Rohan, here are some photos captured of him on his sister’s wedding day…just 3 days before the accident.

There is a “In Memory of Kyle Rohan” Facebook group that is filled with people who knew and loved Kyle and I encourage you to be a part of it. RIP. xo.


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