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Annette + Pete are HITCHED!!! | Erie PA Wedding Photography

When I woke up on Saturday morning it.was.POURING. The thunder was horrendously loud and the rain was coming down. Hard. I whispered a little wishful thought for the rain to stop in time for Annette and Pete’s wedding, and packed some umbrellas.   The rain stopped in plenty of time, and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. It was a fantastic day from start to finish!

I adore this bride’s expression. ALL day she was full of these big amazing expressions.

Funniest moment ever! Dad stepped on Annette’s train on his way back to sit down…yanked it RIGHT out of her head. So the ceremony kicked off with a few minutes of trying to get her veil situated again….and a WHOLE lot of laughter.

The reception kicked off with Annette’s father giving a speech….and presenting the newlyweds with a gift. It was a bell…he explained to them that each year on their anniversary they had to ring it. Year 1–1 ring, year 2– 2 rings, etc.
Of course he threw some laughs in there as well….I TOLD you this bride had the best expressions!

So it only seemed fitting that the bell would be the perfect setting for their “ring shot”…

Narrowing these images down for a blog post was so difficult—this was truly an amazing wedding with an amazing couple! Things couldn’t have gone smoother, and everyone had a FABULOUS time–including me!

Congratulations Annette & Pete!!! More images to come!



  1. Hillary

    So blessed and honored to have such an amazing (and clearly happy) woman as my newest sister! I love you Netty and Petey!! Congrats to an amazing couple!! ❤

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