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Austin Fashion Week is a pretty big deal…so when I was asked to be a part of a mash-up team photo competition for the prestigious series of events, I was thrilled! And so was born team “Victorious Secret”! Hair stylist Nina Gay of Urban Betty, makeup artist Lauren Davis of Hint of Shimmer, wardrobe stylist Nettie Tiso of Racecar Apparel, model Livvy Bennett, and photographer….moi. We planned and executed a photo shoot and had to narrow down to ONE image to submit for the competition.

Here’s some of the photo shoot action…

And here were a few of our favorites that we had a hard time selecting from for submission…

All super cool images! I adore Livvy’s look—almost like a porcelain doll! Sweet and bad ass all at once too!  The dress Nettie created is SO fun and sassy—the texture under the skirt is my favorite.  Christina and Lauren on the glam team did such a fantastic job!

So after MUCH deliberation, back and forth, and discussion–we ended up deciding on submitting the following image:

It was so odd…while we were shooting this set in front of the Airstream I honestly did not think for a second that this would be our choice photo. I thought for sure that we had already captured it. After editing and really dissecting the elements of the image, we determined it was our favorite for the competition, and here’s why:

1. It’s got a great “Austin” element to it with the Airstream in the background.

2. It’s the best representation of the dress–it really shows the awesome color and all the great texture.

3. It’s a little more high-fashion…and it’s a fashion competition…soooo 😉

4. I ADORE the way her makeup is showcased in this image–I used some off-camera flash for this one and placed it off to the left of the model with a pretty harsh angle so I could create a strong shadow on the wood slats behind her. If you really look–you can see the shadow of her EYELASHES and THAT made me go “ooooh”

5. While the backgrounds of the other images were really cool, they were just a little bit distracting…we decided it was better to showcase the gorgeous model and her look.

So there you have it! NOW it’s time to VOTE for team Victorious Secret’s image!!!  There will be a team selected as the winner for categories “Judges Choice” and “Voters Choice”…and we’d love to snag one of those titles! Voting is as simple as clicking THIS LINK and clicking VOTE…no registration required!

Voting will close on August 10th and the winner will be announced on the runway at Austin Fashion Week’s main event on Saturday August 18th!  And a big “BRAVO” to my teammates Nettie, Nina, Lauren, and Livvy–everyone completely rocked their contribution to the shoot!



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