Click Chick | Austin TX Wedding Photographer

BIG Announcement!!!

I’ve been flying pretty low on the radar lately….mostly because….

…we’ve got a baby chick or dude on the way!!

With an estimated due date of 3/13/13–our little lucky charm is in development and my husband and I are thrilled!

I’ll be blocking off a bit of time in the month of March and am only keeping the 2 weddings that I’ve already got booked for April on the calendar so as to spend as much time with my new bundle as possible! This also means no more bookings in Erie PA (sorry y’all!)…at least not for a while! BUT I will be working full-force until then and so far, it will not interfere with any existing bookings! So no worries, clients!

My little family is very excited to go on this journey again and I’ll be sharing bits and pieces of the process with you along the way on the blog…I hope you don’t mind šŸ˜‰

Phew! It’s public now. I can finally start pinning nursery ideas! THAT’s been torture!



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