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Ashley & Jon are HITCHED!!! | Destination Wedding Photographer

This weekend my husband and I packed our bags and flew to Wilmington, North Carolina for a little destination wedding action.  The bride, Ashley, and her new husband, Jon, were an absolute pleasure to work with! Incredibly fun, friendly, animated, and in love! What a fabulous combination!

Here are a few highlights from the day…


This girl was just GLOWING all day! Her bright blue eyes twinkled and that smile never left her face!

Jon is a Marine, as was most of his bridal party, both of his parents, and Ashley’s grandfather! The wedding was held on a riverboat! This was my first ever on-board wedding! It was tight quarters, but SO cool! I truly enjoyed it all!

I adored their entrance into the reception!

I am going to warn you in advance–their slideshow is going to be insanely long when it’s released in a week or two— It’s easy to snap off extra when the bride and groom is ALWAYS making the best expressions!!!

Congratulations to Ashley & Jon! Many more images to come!!! 🙂

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