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Lindsey + Justin are HITCHED!!! | Pittsburgh PA Wedding Photography

When Lindsey first contacted me and told me that she found me because I had just ousted her as the mayor of our mutual hair salon, I knew we’d be a good match!  She was a social media nerd,  Lindsey and Justin’s wedding was this past weekend in Pittsburgh.  Here are some of the highlights 🙂

Here was a super sweet moment between Lindsey and her mom. Mom gifted her some incredibly sentimental jewelry. Here’s the groom opening up his Bulova watch–a gift from his soon-to-be bride!There were the CUTEST kids at this wedding!THIS was awesome—though you can’t SEE it in the picture, Lindsey and Justin’s recessional song was the instrumental version of the Star Wars theme!!!The couple wanted their portraits on Mount Washington—-and unfortunately the Kenny Chesney concert attendees wanted to jam up the traffic! We were left with only a matter of minutes for portraits!  I think we made record time, I’ve never fired off so many shots of so many people in so little time!! Check out that view! SORRY–I couldn’t NOT post this one! 😉 Not sure what was going on back there…but she was busted!
We raced back to the reception location–the beautiful Lemont! I loved Lindsey’s laugh—she had such a hearty and photogenic laugh!Ready for the cake smash????  Surprisingly, there were no casualties. 

And I had to end the post with this little munchkin–he was my little sidekick all night! Everytime I looked at him, he gave me THIS smile! Ohh my melting heart!

CONGRATULATIONS to Lindsey and Justin! More to come in their slideshow next week!



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