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Kary + Kyle are MARRIED! | Wedding Highlights

On Saturday I was in Cleveland photographing Kary and Kyle’s wedding celebration. The weather was perfection, the venue was breathtaking, and the details were exquisitely planned.  Here are some wedding day highlights:

…and for comfort (y’all know how much I ADORE TOMS!)

Kary & Kyle opted to do a “first look”  (cue Kara Marie doing the running man, jumping up and down with joy!) so they could get the majority of their photos done before the ceremony.

Kyle’s got CONNECTIONS (read…he’s a VIP superstar) and got us access to Progressive Field for a few minutes for pictures!

The boys were SO excited about this shot! We had to do a few takes to make sure it was JUST right…I think they nailed it, don’t you??

Next we headed down to 4th Street for some more bridal party pictures. The light was SO perfect there (Cue Kara Marie doing another equally embarrassing  old-school dance)!

Time to head to the venue. The ceremony and reception were both held at the Lakeside Courthouse. It.was.STUNNING. Oh man.

Kary’s daughters were VERY much a part of the ceremony. It was SO beautiful…so many incredible moments. They each read their own note that they wrote to their mom and Kyle. They talked about how much they loved them and how happy they were that their mom and Kyle were getting married.

And then….we.cried.  We ALL cried.  Everywhere I looked there were people dabbing their tears. I just hid behind my camera sobbing and continued to fire away. So sweet.

While we spent cocktail hour getting family photos, wedding caterer magicians, A Taste of Excellence, were busy flipping the ceremony set-up to the reception. When they started carrying out all of the reception tables I was BLOWN away by the all of the incredible details…not to mention the fun grey and yellow color scheme (which was also the colors I chose for my wedding last year!)

We grabbed a couple more group pictures…

…and then it was time for the reception!

The bride and her father danced to “Sweet Caroline”–one of my favorites! They.were.SO.cute!

And the groom and his mother (by the way—check.out.that.DRESS. Isn’t she GORG!?) had a heartfelt slow dance…

Before the night was over, we headed back outside to grab a couple of “city at night” shots…though it wasn’t exactly dark yet! Their wedding happened to fall on one of the longest days of the year–so I had to play with my camera settings a bit, but I love the way they came out!

CONGRATULATIONS to Kary and Kyle Ostrander!!! Their wedding slideshow is coming up next week when they return from their honeymoon!

For more information on Austin wedding photography, visit the Click Chick Images website.  For availability or to book, email

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