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Destiny + Michael are MARRIED!!!! | Erie PA Wedding Photographer

It has been one heck of a weekend!  I photographed a wedding in my hometown {Erie, PA} on Saturday….and it wasn’t just ANY wedding….it was Destiny & Michael’s INSANELY INCREDIBLE SUPER TERRIFIC UTTERLY DELICIOUS wedding celebration!

This wedding was oozing with incredible details—so many, in fact, that the details will be a WHOLE OTHER blog post coming up soon. For now, I just wanted to share some highlights with you!

Photo of groom taken by my awesome second shooter, Alex Ignatiuk!

This close-up is also an “Alex” capture! Sa-weeet!

Alex had some fun with the guys…

While I hung with the girls…Sisterly love…
Time for the party!

Wow. That’s a lot to visually process, isn’t it!? Just WAIT until you see all of the incredible decor and countless details that were around every corner! I adored this wedding, and I adore this couple! They were SO laid back, fun, and in love! That’s my favorite combination.

Stay tuned for MUCH more on Destiny and Michael’s big day!

For more information on wedding photography, visit the Click Chick Images website.  For availability or to book, email .  Of course you’re a FRIEND on Facebook, but are you a FAN too? Be one! 


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