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Who owns your time? | Friday Inspiration

Those of you who follow me on Facebook and Twitter probably see me post from Tiny Buddha a lot…it’s “simple wisdom for life’s hard questions”. Every day, I receive an email of the day’s Tiny Buddha blog, and every day, it feels as though that blog was written specifically for me.  Today’s quote was no different:

yes. Yes. YES.

I keep it no secret that I LOVE what I do! In fact, I’m pretty sure a lot of you are sick of hearing me say it.  Not only do I love what I do, but I want to encourage as many people as possible to love what they do, too. Wouldn’t the world be so much happier if everyone loved their jobs? How many people do you know that wake up in the morning DREADING getting in that car and going in to work?! Are you one of them!?

Here is an excerpt from today’s blog by Kristoph Matthews that reviews some steps on using your time productively. I know which step I need to work on!

“Owning your time is not just about having more free time; it’s about knowing what you want and using the time you’re given productively to get there. So how do you actually use your time productively, in a practical sense? I humbly propose it’s a combination of three things:

1. Setting boundaries.

This is by far the most difficult if you have a busy life, a demanding boss, and a problem with saying “no.”

Setting boundaries means you recognize what’s important to you, you set a reasonable amount of time to enjoy/take action on it, and do it no matter what. You may encounter resistance from others on this, but think about it: This is your life, and you are the most important person in it.

Even if you’ve devoted your life to helping others, you won’t be able to carry out what’s important to you unless you respect your own time.

2. Leveraging time and other resources.

You may have a “to-do list” with several tasks that can move you forward. However, for the same amount of effort, some tasks will yield tremendous results, and some will only pay off marginally. If you want to truly own your time, replace the numerous activities that give you bits and pieces of enjoyment and progress with the few that pay the absolute highest in joy and movement toward your goals.

3. Distinguishing between consumptive and productive habits.

When you “consume” time, you use the time you earn every day to “buy” things that either provide short-term pleasure, or subtract time to spend on what you really want in the end (e.g. excessive TV, pointless arguments with coworkers, too much miscellaneous tasks in your day).

On the other hand, when you “produce” time, you use the time you’re given to move closer to your goals and even free yourself from consumptive tasks.

Sounds simple enough, right? Just set boundaries, leverage your time, and cut out consumptive habits. Of course, if it were that easy we wouldn’t be having a discussion now.

The truth is, fear plays a big role in trying to prevent us from living a life of true freedom. When I first embarked on my mission to own my own time, certain questions arose from within:

  • What will they say if I start behaving in this new way? Will they mock me?
  • What if I get fired?
  • Won’t I run behind schedule if I only do only a few things a day?

Fear can produce an endless string of questions like this. Obviously your time is important to you, so moving past this fear is integral. The solution: ask the right questions, because these ones certainly won’t serve you. How about these instead:

  • How great will my life be like if I start to own my time?
  • What career opportunities could open up to me when people begin to respect me for my self-respect?
  • How can I adjust my schedule to remain productive and meet my original intentions while doing minimal work?

I hope I’ve inspired you to see the value in the gift you’re given each day. Unfortunately, it’s not a gift you can keep, because you have to spend it each day. The gift I’m referring to, obviously, is time.

The question is, who owns your gift? If it’s not you, who is it, and what do you plan to do to get it back?”

Talk about words of wisdom, right!?  Click here to read the entire blog…and be sure to subscribe to Tiny Buddha–you wouldn’t believe how relevant each and every post is!

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