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Table for 1, please.

Yesterday I had a rare opportunity for some “me” time…and it was kind of a happy surprise.  I had 2 photo shoots scheduled for the day while my son was at school, and they both rescheduled, leaving me with a block of 5 hours to do…something.  I could have sat at my desk and edited and finished up some work, but I already planned to be out for the day shooting, and I was going to save some editing time this week since those 2 sessions didn’t shoot. I had just finished up leaving advice on a fellow photographer’s blog. She had just switched over to full-time photography and working from home and wanted advice from other full-time photographers on how to stay on task. I rambled for a bit…after all…do I even really know the answer to that!? But my last piece of advice was to ALWAYS make time for yourself, even if it’s just an hour here and there or a block of time each week.  Then it occurred to me, I KNOW that’s what I should be doing…but I don’t. EVER. I mean, the closest thing to me time that I actually SCHEDULE and consistently do is paint my nails every Sunday night. Pathetic.

I threw on a hat, my sunglasses, and a maxi dress (<— FYI–that’s my “I don’t feel like doing my hair or makeup outfit), and headed out the door. I drove around in downtown Austin for a little while. There’s SUCH an amazing energy in downtown Austin, I just can’t describe it. Tons of people running around town lake, all the restaurants buzzing with business, people walking on their lunch breaks. Ahh it’s just a fabulous city.

I popped into Urban Outfitters where I bought myself a sundress AND a new toy! Behold the Holga 135 toy camera!

Yesss. Austin has definitely inspired me to be a little more “funky”, and given my recent revelation that I need to focus LESS on the equipment I’m carrying and MORE on the image that I’m creating…I decided this was the perfect $50 purchase. I plan to start collecting a lot more like this and actually USING them on a regular basis.

After that, my stomach growled. All this me-time sure was making me hungry.  I could go to one of the many food trailers around…but I decided I needed a nice peaceful meal. Sitting down. By myself. YES. So I headed to Abel’s on the Lake. “Table for 1, please”, I proudly told the hostess–looking to make a statement. To which she replied “You can just seat yourself”. HA. That backfired.

I grabbed a lake-facing table in the corner of the patio. I ordered myself a skinny margarita and a chicken salad. I sat there, in silence, eating a meal. It.was.GLORIOUS.

I had such a fantastic time in that couple of hours just taking a moment for myself to reflect, be quiet, and just CHILL the #*!& out!  Photographers and other self-employed workaholics–I highly, highly recommend doing this every now and then. MOMS especially. I love my son. Love love love love him. BUT it is a bit challenging trying to balance being a business owner, photographer, wife, and MOM.  Most moms feel as though they have to sacrifice SOMETHING in order to fit it all in…and sadly, it’s typically themselves. I am 100% guilty of this. After yesterday’s outing, I will be making more of an effort to schedule ME TIME…and to not feel guilty about it.

And in other news…..I got some new photobooth props for this season. They’re pretty cool. This is my favorite…if you can’t tell.

Now…back to work 😉


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