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11×14 CANVAS GIVEAWAY….and the WINNER is….

I myself have been entering in a lot of little photography giveaways lately, AND I’ve been placing a lot of canvas orders.  I haven’t done a giveaway in a few months so I thought I would go ahead and set up a beautiful canvas giveaway to a lucky Click Chick Images past, present, or future client!  To enter, clients simply had to be a FAN on the new Click Chick Images Facebook Fan Page, and leave a comment mentioning why their wall needed this eye candy.

To be completely honest, I just thought people were going to say things like “my walls are bare”…but I got THE most heartfelt, AMAZING comments and COMPLIMENTS.  I seriously found myself tearing up every time my phone notified me of a new comment last night. Here are a few of them…

OH MAN! I am SO glad that I did a random drawing and didn’t have to CHOOSE a winner from the answers provided!!! You are all so awesome!

SO–to make it fair, I used a really cool app called “Name in a Hat”.  I inputted all the names of people who left comments on the fan page. 

Then I “shook them up” and the app drew the name of…….

Drum roll, please………..

Wa-hoo! Congratulations Carly!  I couldn’t post her comment here because it was TOO LONG to get a screen shot of!   But Carly is one of my “serial shooters”! We’ve shot 3 times so far, and have another session scheduled for August! I LOVE repeat clients! I mean, THIS girl actually bought all new FURNITURE for her boudoir photo shoot! HA! Talk about awesome!

Congratulations CARLY!

BUT WAIT, there’s more!  Since I was SO blown away by everyone’s amazingly kind words, I wanted to give you all a little something! SO I would like to give each of you 50% off one canvas of your choice! WOOT! Orders must be placed by 6/13.

This goes to:

Stephanie Cole
Rae Anne Grygier
Kary Platenak
Emily Heinrich
Sarah Tomes
Crystal Padgett Eckel
Alex Harvey
Iyesha Arvin-Harvey
Cari Farris 
Stephanie Stephan
Melissa Nemenz
April Quinn
Debra Fales  
Katie Kerrigan

And in case anyone missed it–I am offering 25% off any 1 canvas from now until 6/13–to anyone!

Please email me your requests ASAP!

Thank you ALL for “playing” and thank you even more for being so amazing, wonderful, supportive, encouraging, and beautiful inside and out!


Kara Marie

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