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HAPPY WEDDING SEASON! | Austin TX Wedding Photographer

I will be on FIFTY EIGHT planes this season. 58. Holy.Crap. That’s a lot of biscoff cookies and layovers. I will definitely be racking up my frequent flyer miles and HOPEFULLY *fingers crossed* will finally earn the coveted sky lounge status 😉

Peak wedding season varies from city to city, and I am about to embark on a crazy journey of shooting 2 different cities’ peak seasons back to back.  Typically ONE wedding season is pretty strenuous on any busy wedding photographer, so shooting peak season in ERIE from June until September, followed by peak season in AUSTIN from October-March, is going to be interesting–to say the least!

I have spent the last 6 months seriously tackling my workflow with a fine-toothed comb and really streamlining my production so I can stay on top of things with all the madness that will be happening. Much my struggles (and I feel MOST self-employed photographers have the same challenges) is caused by not utilizing my time to the fullest and not having a concrete schedule. That. is. changing. starting. NOW!

Here is a very generalized schedule of how things are going to run this summer! Some major changes you are going to be seeing is… #1–more structure in my blog schedule (you’ll know what to expect each day. If you care 😉 ) #2- less social media! I will be dedicating a portion of my Mondays specifically to catching up on my business facebook pages, posting and tagging images, and responding to FB messages. #3- More specific blocks of time for responding to messages each day rather than responding the second I receive a message.

There you have it!  Obviously this schedule does not detail every little thing that I do. It’s just going to give me more of a structure so I know EXACTLY what needs to be accomplished that day and so you are more in-the-know of what to expect!

ALSO-a bit of an announcement…I will not be accepting any more wedding bookings in Erie PA going forward…with the exception of MAYBE 2 a year as well as 2-3 other destination weddings. All the travel is just too much, and I really need to concentrate on my new (permanent) market!  I will continue to make announcements if I will be back and have an opening for a shoot or two. But hey…perhaps consider a destination wedding in Austin? He he.

Love y’all!!

~Kara Marie

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