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I have been planning today’s photo shoot and promo video filming for weeks…agonizing over color schemes, lighting, finding the perfect location, up to my eyeballs in balloons and feathers…and after all the stress and anxiety I poured into it, I ended up deciding at the last minute to simplify. I stripped the shoot down–WAY down–so the promo would feature me REALISTICALLY shooting a couple. Yes, stylized shoots are lovely, VERY lovely…and they grace the pages of magazines and are gawked at on blogs.  In fact, I do see myself doing many of them in the future. HOWEVER, all the details were taking away from what I wanted the filming to capture: Me interacting with my couples and giving them a great shooting experience.

I am SO happy that we are done shooting today, I am pleased with the outcome and I haven’t even seen anything yet aside from my own images (which.I.LOVE).

I haven’t decided if I will be releasing the images at the same time as the promo video, or if I will leak some images sooner.  Odds are, I won’t be able to hold on to them for long. For now, this single behind-the-scenes image will have to do.

A huge thank you to Adam Grumbo for bringing his cinematography skills to the table (and being the jack-of-all-trades when it came to helping me out of a…….eh hem…jam!), to my awesome husband for climbing ladders, lifting heavy things, and throwing light things for me, and to Lexi and Todd for allowing me to capture their love today!

I absolutely cannot wait to release the images!

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