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Cathia….the woman with the wine cellar… | Austin TX Photographer

Today I had a session scheduled with Cathia…I pulled up to her beautiful home with the beautiful yard in the beautiful neighborhood. She opened the door–and SHE was beautiful too.  Absolutely glowing. EVEN THOUGH she had expected me an hour later (she mixed up our shoot time!) so she wasn’t even ready yet…and she STILL looked stunning.

It’s not polite to reveal a woman’s age, but I WILL give you a hint and tell you that this beauty of a woman just attended her 50TH high school reunion!  She looks MAGNIFICENT! That’s not editing, folks–that’s all her!  Patent leather Betsy Johnson belt and all!

After the session she motioned me over towards a staircase and said she wanted to show me something quickly before I left…I walked down a set of stairs–even the stairs were lovely–to the most amazing wine cellar! Yes–a wine CELLAR…in TEXAS! (For my PA readers–there are no basements in TX because the clay soil moves too much–it’s structurally unsound unless MAJOR precautions are taken.)  It was amazing, fully stocked, and left me drooling. Cathia mentioned having her husband’s birthday portrait taken in the cellar soon–I cannot wait to show y’all pictures of this! Incredible.

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