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Yet another post from my shoot series in Erie last weekend…the Casella family!  I first met Laura about 5 years ago, and met all of the members of her supermodel family shortly thereafter. I’m so glad that we had the opportunity to shoot together and catch up–they are the cutest!

We headed to Asbury Woods to get some relaxed portraits of James, Julia, Chris, Katie, Shawn, and Laura–here’s some of the end result!

Here’s the beautiful couple that started it all—Laura and Shawn. Shawn is an uber skilled dentist (Modern Dental Group, Erie PA), and Laura is the co-owner of one of Erie’s newest fitness facilities–REAL Training & Fitness)….and they both have my personal stamp of approval!

 We went ahead and gave all of the kids their own mini shoot-out.  I think James takes the prize….




What a handsome group of siblings! Am I right??

What an easy family to photograph! Look at them! Beautiful!

Thanks so much to the Casellas for a smooth and pretty photo shoot!

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