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The Sick Baby Blues | Zaya, Josiah, & Kelsey | Austin Family Photographer

When I flew into Erie on Thursday with my little guy for a series of photo shoots and he ended up with a double ear infection, I cried. I cried for so many reasons. First, I cried because I wished there was something I could do for him. He was SO miserable, so obviously sick, and so desperate for someone to take his pain away.  Then, I cried because the timing was horrible–I was scheduled back to back with photo sessions for 3 days straight, and being that most of my clients had taken extreme measures to shoot with me that weekend, rescheduling wasn’t an option. How in the WORLD was I supposed to work knowing my baby was so sick? And finally, I cried because I didn’t know what to do.  I couldn’t screw my head on straight—and when you have a child crying for hours on end because they’re in pain–it’s easy to become frustrated and scatterbrained. Thankfully, my little man was surrounded with tons of family and was on a quick road to recovery with some antibiotics and a lot of TLC. I tell this story because, when I arrived to my photo session on Friday morning with birthday girl Zaya, her big brother Josiah, and mamma Kelsey–it was all replaying for me.

Poor little Zaya was very sick, and obviously very miserable. She was beside herself and unable to be comforted. We made the decision to press on and attempt to get some photos, even if it meant they were mostly of Josiah (who was DASHING with his cowboy boots and adorable long hair), or if it involved me just trying to capture some candids here and there in between tears.

My heartstrings were pulled everytime I heard Zaya whimper! Especially when I looked over at her mother Kelsey and knew EXACTLY what she was feeling as I experienced the same thing only hours before.

Even I could not believe the number of great shots that came out of this photo shoot! The whole family were SUCH troopers.  We even got a few smiles towards the end (thanks to the ever-awesome Nikki who stood behind me and made a fool out of herself to get some happy faces!).

The little doll finally tuckered herself out!

I hope that Zaya is feeling much better by now and that mom got some much needed time to unwind!

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