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Couples who play together have babies together… | Chris + Emily | Austin TX Family Photographer

I love how small the world is. Since moving to Austin, I’ve actually had the opportunity to connect with old friends from Pennsylvania on several different occasions! On Saturday, my childhood friend Chris and his lovely wife and soon-to-be-baby-mamma Emily drove down to Austin from Dallas for a maternity session.  Chris and I figured out that we have known each other for about 20 years!  He also happens to be the twin brother of Kat–another friend, fellow photographer, and Erie-ite.

Knowing these two and their personalities, I determined that South Congress was the PERFECT place to take them for their maternity photos which were meant to be as FUN as possible. South Congress has some amazing storefronts, bright colored walls, fabulous graffiti art, and inspiration on every corner.

We made a quick stop at Amy’s Ice Cream to re-hydrate with water and smoothies….Chris opted for Cherry Chocolate Chip ice cream…

What do you suppose Emily is laughing at??

Ok, ok….time to get serious now 😉

If Chris and Emily are this fun—I can only imagine what will become of them once a third Heinrich is added into the bunch!

Thanks so much to Chris, Emily, and baby H for hiking around downtown Austin with me for our session! SO much fun!


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