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Welcome to the world, baby Oliver!!! | Austin TX Family Photographer

If there is ANYONE in the world who is as obsessed with baby feet as I am, you are going to love this post. 

On Saturday I had the sheer delight of photographing newborn baby Oliver and new parents Alyssa and Garrett. It was everything you could expect out of a newborn session…little baby cries, little baby sleeping faces, little baby fingers, little baby toes, and 2 new parents in awe of their little baby miracle.

Here come the wittle piggies…. Beautiful family! And what’s better than 1 session with great clients? 5!  We will be doing quarterly photo sessions to capture Oliver’s growth over his first year! Yay!

For more information on family photography in Austin TX (and to see the new and improved site), visit the Click Chick Images website.  For availability or to book, email


  1. Missy Smith

    great shoot! so much love in these pics. what’s not to ‘like’? the emotion flows right out of these images, Kara. Nicely done. ♥

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