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People in glass houses…. | Erica’s Boudoir Session | Austin TX Boudoir Photography

Yesterday I had the most fabulous location for a series of glamour and boudoir shoots….a glass house. Another fabulous local photographer has a stunning lake house in Lago Vista that I was lucky enough to rent for the day yesterday. It was the PERFECT natural light setting for all of my shoots!

Erica brought her A-game for sure for this session! Check.her.OUT!

What a beauty, right?!  I should mention that Erica is a an experienced model and actress, so she’s no stranger to the camera!  There’s an insane amount of glam images from her session—but we’ll keep the rest private! Amazing!

A huge thank you to Lauren from Hint of Shimmer for the fantastic job she did on Erica’s makeup!

For more information on glamour and boudoir photography in Austin TX, visit the Click Chick Images website.  For availability or to book, email


One comment

  1. Sensuality is surfacing in invisible details. She’s great, with her innocent look and the perfect styling. The light does the rest. It’s a morning almost sprinkled with sugar.

    Great shooting! 🙂


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