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The Click Chick hearts BLO! | Austin TX Style Photographer

The Click Chick HEARTS BLO! And I don’t mean the illegal kind.  I have officially found my new obsession–the blo out! I recommend them to all of my clients {especially for boudoir and relaxed portraits!}–and who better to get blo’n by than the ORIGINAL brand of blow dry bar- BLO!  BLO doesn’t cut or color, and they’re not to be mistaken for a salon–so you don’t have to feel like you’re cheating on your hairdresser!  They take what they’re good at–the BLOW OUT–and offer only the best of them!

I am completely stoked to come across a business with such FUN branding!  From the website {} to the business cards marked simply with “just blo me”, and the killer shade of hot pink–their image is consistent and unmistakable!

Imagine if you will–you enter a swanky storefront on West 5th street in downtown Austin, you are instantly taken back by the AWESOME decor–so modern and clean, and PINK!  You are greeted by an incredibly friendly face and asked if you would like a glass of champagne. Yes please!

Your BLOer comes to greet you and whisk you away to your chair where you will select from the hair menu what blo out you would like. You’re presented with style options like sex, hugs, and rock & roll, the holly would, and my favorite–the red carpet. You will then be taken back to be washed and have yourself a little scalp massage, and then blo’n dry and styled!

Here is my BLOer, April, doing her thang on a bride-to-be!

BLO also has a makeup bar! Are you KIDDING? Ohhhh the convenience! An incredible team of makeup artists will transform you before your very perfectly sculpted cat eyes!

So how expensive is it to get pampered like royalty, you ask??  Around $35 for a blow out!!! Holy.Lashes. How amazing is that?! And if you tell BLO that “Click Chick” sent you–you might just get a little special deal. I can’t say it out loud or I would cause a stampede–but it definitely makes an already amazing service even more blo-tastic!

In addition to incredible service and style, BLO also offers a line of some of the most incredible products and styling tools on the market! I picked up some UNITE conditioner, shine gloss, and 7 second dry shampoo {essential for maintaining your blo} and I can HONESTLY tell you it’s my favorite hair product line ever. It’s also PETA approved!  For a little extra glam, be sure to check out their line of hair extensions!

I’d like to introduce you to the friendly faces behind Blo,  Alina Poulsen (who has been known to make her BLO out last over a week!)– one of the BLO Austin owners, and Justin Cantrell–the Bar Boss. Be sure to stop by and say hello!

And of COURSE I didn’t leave BLO without spending 30 minutes or so to have my locks styled by April!  Please excuse the poor quality mirror photo of my ‘do! It’s tough to get photos of yourself  on the fly when you’re a photographer who doesn’t have go go gadget arms!

Hop on over to BLO Austin or one of the other 18 locations in the US and Canada for some star treatment and an awesome experience!

BLO Contact:

PHONE: 512.355.1BLO



ADDRESS: 1611 West 5th Street, Ste 145 downtown Austin TX.


And don’t forget to pay a little love to the Click Chick site, too!

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