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CLASSIC boudoir session | Austin TX Boudoir

Sometimes the definition of boudoir gets lost in translation–people don’t always fully understand what it’s all about, and it’s easy to misunderstand with all of the garbage that’s being pumped out and CALLED boudoir but really isn’t.  I try to do my best to educate by showcasing boudoir sessions in the light they’re meant to be…CLASSY. SEXY. EMPOWERING.

The whole time I was shooting Ms. “S” last week, I just kept thinking “THIS girl gets it! THIS girl understands what boudoir is all about!”.  Hanging up in the hotel suite when I entered was a big white fur coat, a glass of champagne, and an assortment of beautiful shoes (including the blue suede pumps that I paired with leopard print panties and the fur coat ensemble), and the Etta James Pandora station was our background music for the evening. Incredible.

We shot a LOT of images that night—but my favorite sets were done in black and white. They were a little hazy, a little grainy, a little mysterious…..and.I.LOVVEEEDDD.them. And her. Just everything was awesome.

I really truly enjoyed my time shooting with Ms “S” and am meeting the most amazing women here in Austin!  Over the last year, boudoir has made a GIANT leap on my favorite-things-to-shoot list and is now neck and neck with weddings…and it’s ALL because of the amazing women I’m meeting, their stories (which are usually much deeper than just wanting a sexy picture for their man!), and am hearing their reactions to their photos and how much it’s meant to them.

So, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU to all my amazing clients—boudoir and otherwise!  You are all AMAZING, BRAVE, BEAUTIFUL, INSPIRING, AND SEXY to me!!!  And a BIG “BRAVO” to Ms. “S” here who made for a super stunning subject and a fabulous girls night!  INCREDIBLE!

For more information on Austin TX boudoir, visit the Click Chick Images website.  For availability or to book, email


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