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Taking Time to Live Life | A Personal Post | Austin TX Photographer

The last week has been boudoir session after boudoir session–all for Valentine’s day–and I’ve been feeling TOTALLY guilty about spending so much time away from my little man. I had 3 sessions while he was at school, picked him up, almost fell fast asleep on the couch when I sat down to take my shoes off…then was quickly reminded by my son that he hadn’t seen me all day and he wanted me to play with him. So play we did!  I saw this post on Pinterest yesterday and it struck a chord with me:

How true.

Tonight I was supposed to get together with some other Austin photographers for an off-camera flash shoot-out….but my husband is already working late and I didn’t want Anthony to have to have a sitter (although he LOVES her!) tonight after having such limited time with Joe and I this week. SO, I decided that I would use the topic of today’s Austin photographers shoot-out (off-camera-flash), and apply it to a little mini session with my little man.

SO, THAT is my post for the day! I’ll go back to posting boudoir teasers tomorrow, but for the rest of today, it’s just about me “taking time to live life” and remembering what my inspiration is.


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