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Boho-Inspired Model Shoot | Elizabeth | Austin TX Photographer

I LOVE the images from this morning’s shoot that I am about to share with you!

Elizabeth is a local model who was looking to add to her portfolio. We scheduled a bohemian-inspired photo shoot for this morning, and she totally OWNED the look! Amazing!

THIS image cracks me up a little. I tried to take it seriously–but I couldn’t stop laughing!  We were shooting at a place where the peacocks run wild–and they are ALL over the place. Since they kept getting in my shot, I decided we should try to work with it. They ARE beautiful creatures, after all, AND they matched Elizabeth’s outfit. Check this shot out where the peacock is very carefully observing my model–wondering if she’s human or animal as per all the “fur” she was wearing. {by the way, this is not real fur! It’s part of a Halloween costume I’ve had in my closet for 3 years that I thought would be perfect for this shoot!}

Awesome, right?  Elizabeth totally kicked booty at today’s shoot. She was so super easy to work with, and…eh hem…LOOK at her! What a beauty!

Also, you might have taken notice of a slight change in logo (yep, AGAIN!).  It was oh-so-slightly tweaked to match the brand new website/branding that will launch this week. Stay tuned for that!

For more information about model photography in Austin TX, visit the Click Chick Images website.  For availability or to book, email



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