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Part of my goal for the new year is to expand my horizons when it comes to photography….to go out of my comfort zone a bit and photograph challenging subjects and situations. Please note that “challenging” is subjective…as many photographers would find shooting a landscape or traffic at night to be a cake walk compared to shooting a living, breathing, blinking, moving subject. Not the case for this chick! I struggle BIG TIME without a live person in front of my lens. It’s something that I know I want to work on.

While I know night or landscape photography will never be my niche, I am proud to say that I am at least giving it a go and learning the ins and outs of it all.

Yesterday, I made a last minute decision to get THE 360 bridge shot–at night. To get the shot, a short and steep hike is required. It’s a somewhat challenging trek with equipment as it is, but throw in the lack of sunlight and it gets even more dangerous for a person like me who is NOT a wilderness girl by any means. SO I had to hurry up and get to the spot before it got too dark…AND had to make a stop at the convenience store for a flashlight, and snacks of course. You know, just in case I were to get stranded.

I reached the top just in time to get my tripod set up and shoot the sunset over the bridge—butttt it was a super cloudy day. SO, not much of a sunset to speak of. No worries, now to wait for total darkness!

Here’s an iPhone pic of me all set up and awaiting the darkness (and “squishing” the bridge! I’m a nerd):

Once dark enough, I played around a bit, and here is what I ended up with:

In this last one, I love how you can see the city far off in the background on the left hand site of the image…and how hazy the image is.

I love how you can see the progression of the night sky and how much the colors change from image to image. I did NOT altar the colors in photoshop other than to bump up the vibrance of the colors that were already there! In the images where the sky appears purple, it was purple, in the image that the sky appears yellow and grey–it really was yellow and grey! Mother nature combined with city lights is a beautiful thing.

These images were all shot on my Nikon D700 with various lenses at ISO 100, f/20 (an f stop that I never ever ever ever used on my camera. Ever.), and between a 25 and 30 second exposure. I waited until I saw a nice steady stream of traffic approaching to get a good headlight trail, fired the shutter, and waited for what seemed like hours to see how the shot turned out.

So there you have it! Probably not the most perfect night shots….but it’s a step in the right direction for me! Thanks for viewing and reading my babbles!

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