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HEY ERIE! The Click Chick is headed back…book your shoots! | Erie PA Photographer

HI ALL! I hope y’all aren’t mad at me for slacking on my posting lately! I’ve been using this year’s off-season for some MUCH needed organization and business restructuring! All is going fabulous here in the ATX and I couldn’t be happier with our move–though there are some PA people that I sure am missing!

The inquiries have been really flooding in from Erieites asking when I will be back for them to schedule a shoot with me. I wasn’t scheduled to be back in Erie until June, but with all of the requests, I figured I would schedule an early trip back to accommodate as many people as I can! (By the way–this is an AWESOME problem to have!)

SO I will be accepting photo shoots for the following time slots:

Friday April 13th @   9am   |  11am   | 1pm   |  3 pm

Saturday April 14th @    9am   |   11am   |  1pm  |  3pm

Sunday April 15th @    9am

I’m really looking forward to this jam-packed shooting weekend!  If you’d like to get your time slot reserved, shoot me an email at

See you in a few months, Erie! Stay warm 🙂


Kara Marie

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