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Meet the Dodsons…Part II | Austin TX Family Photographer

Do you happen to remember the super cool family of 5 that I photographed a few weeks ago?  You know….this one?

You know how I love my repeat customers!  The Dodson family booked me to photograph ALL of the Dodsons while everyone was in town over the holidays! So I had the opportunity to photograph 12 (technically 12 3/4) Dodsons on New Year’s Eve!

Here are some of my favorites from their session!

After a few fun group pictures, I photographed each immediate family alone…

Cutest prego mamma around!


You know I’m a sucker for awesome shoes!


Remember them?

Annnnnd the reason that they’re all here….

These two lovebirds have been married for 38 years! 38 YEARS!  How amazing and inspiring is that!?

Just dad and the boys….

Nobody was saying “cheese” here….instead they said “1…2…3…MIDLIFE CRISIS!” (referring to dad’s incredible car!) Hilarious!

Mom and her boys!

Just the girls…

Her water broke!? False alarm!

AWESOME family! Loved them all!

A huge thank you to all 12 3/4 Dodsons for such an incredible session!

And another thank you to Ms. Sara McClure of Sara Mac Photography! Sara was in town from Kansas and tagged along with me on this session and helped a TON with entertaining the kids, lighting, and general merriment!

For more information on family photography in Austin TX, visit the Click Chick Images website.  For availability or to book, email


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