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I absolutely CANNOT believe that 2011 is over already! This has been a HUGE year for Click Chick Images and I couldn’t have done it without all of the best clients and blog stalkers in the world!

SOO without further ado–HERE are my “favorites” picks for 2011!

I suppose I’ll start with THEEEE ALL-TIME FAVORITE CLICK CHICK IMAGE of 2011 since I know y’all would be scrolling to the bottom to find out the winner anyways!!!! On Thursday I gave you my 5 top contenders….and I let YOU all decide. It was a CRAZY voting spree. I had so much fun watching the statistics as they poured in.  At one point or another, each and every single image of the 5 was in 1st place. When I stopped watching the results for the night there was one image with a very strong lead…and when I woke up this morning the votes had swung in a completely different direction!  There were over 4,500 VOTES (Ohh.emmm.GEEEEE) and over 2200 of those came in the very last hour of voting! I purposely did not put a limit on how many times each person could vote (but apparently polldaddy DOES!) .  Some might find that unfair, but in my mind…if someone loves an image enough to vote for it 100 times, that shouldn’t be discounted. HOWEVER-just for kicks, after I closed voting I looked to see who would have won if only ONE vote was counted PER IP address….and it was the SAME WINNER!

Congratulations to ASHLEY and RICK whose engagement image was deemed the FAVORITE Click Chick Image of 2011!

All 5 of the nominees were incredible images and hold a seriously special place in my heart (and on my office wall!).  Ashley and Rick–you will be receiving a 16×20 canvas of this image as your prize for being deemed the FAVORITE image of the year!

Now….on with the rest of the favorites!

I’ll start with all of the wedding images….

Favorite Ring Shot {Iyesha and Alex Harvey} An incredible ring on an incredible pair of shoes. yes. Yes. YES.

Favorite Shoe Shot {Shannon and Tony Ferrare} There is something so regal about this image. I just love how the shoes and clutch compliment each other, and the big throne of a chair that they are perched on!

Favorite Dress Shot {Amanda and Pete DeMichele}  BAM! This.dress.ROCKS!

Favorite Ceremony Setup Shot {Ashley and Andy Stafford at Isabel’s Painted Gardens}. AMAZING job on florals and decors at this wedding! The view was breathtaking!

Favorite Aisle Shot {Wendy and Angel Masangcay}. This image just speaks so loudly to me. One door opens to reveal Wendy’s brother who would be walking her down the aisle…you can see Wendy through the window. I. love. it.

Favorite Ceremony Moment {Taylor and Chase Rogan}  Just look at him looking at her. You see all of that respect and love and awe in his eyes? INCREDIBLE! I tear up EVERY time I look at this image.

Favorite First Kiss {Kaila and Connor McBride}  This was one of those movie moments! The weather was perfect, the lighting was perfect, the setting was perfect, and the couple was BEYOND perfect! I love this image and I love this couple!

Favorite Flower Girl Shot {Ashley and Daniel Farina}. Little miss Novalee is a PROFESSIONAL flower girl in case you didn’t know and couldn’t tell by this photo! She is one of my repeat flower girls. Love this little munchkin and this photo!

Favorite Ring Bearer Shot {Ashley and Andy Stafford}. Look at this little cutie. I mean, really….how stinking cute is he!?

Favorite Bride Shot {Caitlin Grindberg} A 16×20 framed print of this gorgeous image hangs in my office with a few other favorites of the year. Caitlin is absolutely stunning, her dress, jewelry, demeanor, everything!

Favorite Groom Shot {Chuck DeMarco} This image was taken directly before Chuck’s “first look” of his beautiful bride Cassandra.  All day long he had this gigantic smile on his face and he is just SO full of personality! Probably the easiest and most fun groom to photograph ever!

Favorite Groomsmen Shot {Wendy and Andrew Lescynski}. Totally their idea. Loved it.

Runner up groomsmen shot {Cassandra and Chuck DeMarco}. Ok ok, I was just TOOO torn on this category to pick only one…I had to name a runner up. Hey–I can do what I want–this is MY favorites list! 😉 This shot was actually captured by my husband…and I simply LOVE it! The awkwardness of this image is definitely worthy of a runner-up status!

Favorite Bridesmaids Shot {Taylor and Chase Rogan}. “Do whatever you want in this photo” is a phrase I use at every wedding…..sometimes it’s photo gold, and sometimes the bridal party just stares at me blankly. In this case—I got total cuteness out of this adorable bunch of bridesmaids. I think the bride’s expression sealed the deal on this being my favorite bridesmaid shot.

Favorite Father/Daughter dance {Stacey and Steve Barth}. There were so many incredible moments between this bride and her father. Every time I see this image I cry.

Favorite Mother/Son Dance {Ashley and Daniel Farina} On the other end of the spectrum is THIS “tender” moment between a mom and her son on his wedding day. I can’t quite remember what was shouted out at the groom by a rowdy groomsman to prompt this facial expression….but who cares?! It’s priceless and hilarious. The HANDS-DOWN winner in this category.

Favorite First Dance {Mallory and Christian Torchio}. This couple took their first dance to a whole new level! Their entrance was beyond GRAND–they totally rocked it out, sang at the top of their lungs, and had everyone totally engaged in their big moment!

Favorite Reception Moment{Stephanie and Ryan Stephan}  Ok so this winner selection was a little selfish on my part. But to me, THIS moment resonates with me. A little backstory here… This was a wedding that I was pretty intimidated by, believe it or not. The bride and groom had interviewed several photographers, they had a VERY specific wedding plan in mind that involved having a formal dinner experience rather than a traditional reception.  The bride’s father…not gonna lie….TERRIFIED me. He was never rude by any means. Just one of those people that have a presence of importance and you can tell, you just didn’t want to cross him–I was totally intimidated. He didn’t say much to me throughout the day. At the reception the bride had arranged to have a slideshow of photos play on a large projector at the front of the room.  Many of those photos were from their engagement session with me a few months prior. {Mind you, we had a KILLER engagement session!}. As the slideshow played I stood at the back of the room with my husband with a big smile on my face. There were my images blown up and being viewed by a hundred people right in front of me. Occasionally I would notice a few whispers from guests as they pointed at me. I’m hoping, of course, they were saying things like “that’s the photographer that took those!” and not “they should have got THAT photographer to shoot their wedding!” or even worse “engagement photos on a surrey?! What a bad idea!”. But I was optimistic.  It was such a cool moment for me seeing all of these people watching so intently.  Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Stephanie’s dad slowly approaching me. I was almost worried he was going to scold me and tell me I should be taking photos rather than weeping at the moment like a headcase in the back of the room. He looked at me and said “Are you the one who took those photos?”.  “Yes sir!” I said with confidence, even though I was shaking in my boots. There was a pause. A LONG pause. The pause felt like it lasted an hour. He looked up at the screen and back and me and said “Fantastic job.”…and then he walked away. I looked at Joe, we smiled at each other, and I will never forget that moment.

Favorite Cake Smash {Kristen & Gary Snyder} Nicely played by both teams!!! Honestly–the majority of my couples played it fair this season…not too many messes…but of the ones who DID choose to SMASH–THIS was my pick! 🙂

Favorite Drunk Guest Shot {Wendy and Andrew Lescynski} Yep. This happened. It was HOT that day. So the best man decided to go for a little swim…in the middle of group pictures. I think everyone had to draw straws to decide who was going to sit next to him in the limo on the way to the reception!

Favorite Accidental Capture {Ashley and Dan Farina}. So these guys asked if they could have their picture taken with me. They were just a LITTTTLE clumsy by this point in the reception…notice the groomsman’s drink spilling off of my arm.  Woops.

Favorite Toast {Christian and Mallory Torchio} I’m not quite sure what to say about this picture.  It.was.SO.hysterical. There were SO many characters at this wedding, but I think Christian’s brother and best man, seen here giving a toast and missing half of his pants, takes the cake. It was a LONG toast, and as you can see by everyone’s expression–it was funny too!

Favorite dancing guests: {Toni and Scott Harmle} These two little ones were the only two on the dance floor right away, and I happened to position myself in exactly the right place at exactly the right time to capture this shot! Awesome sauce.

Favorite Garter Removal Shot {Kevin and Katie Kerrigan} This photo just tells the best story!!!  I’m not sure who the creeper is who is trying to catch a peek under the bride’s dress, but the look on the groom’s face says “whatever is under there is for my eyes only”. Hilarious!

Favorite Bouquet Toss Shot {Wendy and Angel Masangcay}. Once again…AMAZING facial expressions in this image!!! I think she was happy she caught it. And I think that bridesmaid who ALMOST had it feared for her life a little bit!

Favorite crazy party shot {Christian and Mallory Torchio. Again.}. Like I said before, it’s my FAVORITES so I can choose multiple shots from the same wedding if I want to.  Christian and Mallory’s wedding was epic. COMPLETELY insane and I completely didn’t expect it to be such a wild party! This shot sums it all up–here’s the groom being carried around rock-star style!

Favorite Bride and Groom Image {Taylor and Chase Rogan}  A nominee for my ALL TIME FAVORITE image of 2011, this picture is just SOO FUN and fresh and stylish and full of awesomeness. It should be a sin to be this good looking!

Runner Up Favorite Bride and Groom Image {Stepanie and Ryan Stephan}. It’s easy to take advantage of the incredible sunsets in Erie PA!  The bride and groom knew they wanted a sunset shot, and gosh darnit, I wanted to give them one! This was another nominee for my ALL TIME FAVORITE image of 2011!

Favorite Trash-the-Dress Shot {Katie and Kevin Kerrigan}. Foggy, sticky, sweaty, humid, green, and sexy are words that come to mind when I look at this trash the dress shot. Of course, this was the VERY beginning of the session–the dress did end up getting quite a bit more trashed than this (when the bride jumped in the lake!). This image is just stunning to me. Stunning.

That’s it for the wedding images!  Now here are my favorite non-wedding choices!

Favorite Male Subject Shot {Joey Trombetta}. My husband. I’m totally allowed to be biased here….but even if he WASN’T my husband, I still think I would choose this as my favorite male subject shot ever.

Favorite Female Subject Shot {Haldis Larsen}  This image is so graceful, so passionate, and so impressiveHaldis booked be for her dance portfolio, and dance she can! She completely blew me away during her session, and the images followed suit!

Favorite High School Senior Shot { Cameron } I wish senior portraits were this cool when I was in high school. Mine are SO lame. Cameron’s, on the other hand, make him look like a rock star! Love this image!

Favorite Maternity Picture {Nicole and Drew Baldwin}. I love that he was “poking” her belly in this picture. And could it be a cuter belly? I’m sure every mom viewing this is rolling their eyes as the adorableness that is Nicole’s prego belly. Super jealous!  {by the way, I also got to photograph this little bundle after she arrived. Sooo. cute! }

Favorite Baby Picture {Harper DeMichele}  Harper may be my favorite subject ever.  Her personality was perfection, she looked deep into my lens anytime it was pointed at her, and holy amazing eyes! Not to mention the crazy adorable outfit that mommy and Click Chick bride Amanda put her in. Oh man. So cute. LOVE HERRRR!

Favorite Family Photo {Aleemna, Zahra, Jessica, Sara, and Aliya }  Also seen as one of the nominees for my all-time favorite shot of 2011 is this gem.  There’s so much emotion in this image.

Favorite Boudoir Photo {Heather}  This was another SUPER tough category for me. Ohh man…I just LOVE shooting boudoir, and I love the finished product, and I have such a good relationship with my boudoir clients. Boudoir photography requires building trust and comfortability (word?) VERY quickly to ensure we don’t end up with 100 awkward and uncomfortable photos. I had about 10 favorites that I was trying to narrow down. It was super tough! But alas, this image of Heather was my favorite.  She was transformed into a vintage vixen and EVERYTHING about this photo just worked! Heather did a FABULOUS job!

Favorite Landscape Photo {the 360 bridge } Going from boudoir to lanscapes. HA! I should have definitely reversed the lineup there! Anyone who knows me, knows that I HATE shooting landscapes. So this was a super easy category to pick for…because I think I only have about 5 landscape images. Ever. But this photo truly is a favorite of mine. It was taken from the top of a cliff that I hiked up (yes, ME. I dirty.) overlooking the 360 bridge in Austin.  The clouds were just majestic that day, and it just so happened that traffic slowed up enough that I could get a clear shot without tons of cars in it.

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT! A SUPER CONDENSED VERSION OF MY FAVORITE IMAGES OF 2011. I honestly didn’t realize what a task this would be. I was running out of categories to make up—there were so many more images I wanted to include.  I took roughly 250,000 images this year–so coming up with a small list of faves was NOT an easy task!  I did not do this because I LOVE LOVE LOVE my own work—I’m not that conceited 😉 I did it because I LOVE LOVE LOVE the subjects in them. My work is extremely personal to me. It’s NOT “just business”. I feel connected with each person in front of my lens, and I feel CONNECTED with my job.

2011 has been the biggest year of growth for Click Chick Images, and for me personally. I have learned SO much, worked insanely hard, and can finally sit down at the end of the year and say “Wow. I worked to at least 95% of my full potential this year. And I am proud of what I’ve accomplished.”.  It means a lot to me to be able to say that. I am very hard on myself, but this year, I know that I worked my butt off. There is always room for improvement, and I have so so so so so so so so so so much to learn.  Lucky for me, I’m passionate about what I do and I am ready to continue learning and continue this journey.

Thank you SO MUCH to every single client, Facebook friend, blog stalker, Twitter follower, and wedding guest for an INCREDIBLE year!  Business could not have grown without you, your referrals, and your “likes”. YOU ALL ROCK and I love you to death!!!

Until next year,


Kara Marie


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