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It’s that time of year—the END of 2011! I’ve been working hard selecting my FAVORITE captures from 2011! Some categories include:

Favorite first dance
Favorite mother/son dance
Favorite father/daughter dance
Favorite garter removal
Favorite bouquet toss
Favorite wedding dress
Favorite wedding shoes
Favorite bridal shot
Favorite trash the dress shot
Favorite bride and groom shot
Favorite bridal party pictures
Favorite non-wedding relaxed portrait
Favorite family photo
Favorite child phoot

….and more!

I THINK I’ve got them all narrowed down to at least 2 per category–but the one I’m having the hardest time with is “FAVORITE CLICK CHICK IMAGE of 2011!!” That’s the number one favorite image of the whole year! YIKES! That’s a tough one, it really is! I’ve got it narrowed down to 5—and I am going to let YOUR VOTES decide which image is NUMBER ONE for 2011!

**Nominee #1: Sunset Silhouette | Stephanie and Ryan Stephan.  This image sticks out in my mind as one of the most canvas-worthy Click Chick Images in 2011. Steph and Ryan KNEW that they wanted sunset beach photos on their wedding day, and I KNEW that I had to create one of the most epic images for them. It is so romantic and beautiful. Even though you can’t see their facial expressions, you can FEEL the emotion in this shot!

**Nominee #2: Black and White family portraiture | Aleemna, Zahra, Jessica, Sara, and Aliya.  I was fortunate enough to squeeze this family session in over the holidays, and just in time to make the 2011 Favorites awards! This is my favorite family photo to-date. It’s so sophisticated, stunning, full of love and togetherness, yet subdued. Would it be totally weird of me to hang this image in my home if I’m not even related to any of these people?

**Nominee #3: Fall Engagement in North East | Ashley & Rick.  I can’t take too much credit for this image….Ashley and Rick scouted out the location, and I was blessed with the most perfect natural lighting situation possible. I am thrilled to have this image in my collection and am proud to display a large framed print of this capture in my office. The colors are glorious, and the couple is just perfect for this setting!

**Nominee #4: Foggy Trash the Dress | Katie and Kevin Kerrigan. This was the THIRD frame that I shot during Katie and Kevin’s trash the dress session this past summer in Erie, PA. Typically, this kind of photo gold doesn’t happen until at least the 200th frame in! We were actually walking to our shoot location by Walnut Creek, and it was SO foggy out, and I had Katie and Kevin walk ahead….my lens was still getting acclimated to the extreme humidity that day…it kept fogging up. When I saw them get to this point in the path I yelled at them to stop right where they were. It was framed beautifully by the trees and lit perfectly. They kissed, I clicked, the rest is history.

**Nominee #5: The Dip.  | Chase & Taylor Rogan. This couple couldn’t have been more picture-perfect. Their attire, their personalities, their infatuation with each other….JUST.PERFECT.  This image is just so fun! It’s simple—taken behind a food vending trailer in a park in Erie, PA…no special lights, no crazy pose, just natural fun-loving love 🙂

So there you have it—those are my 5 nominees for my FAVORITE CLICK CHICK IMAGE in 2011!  The OVERALL winner will receive a prize 🙂  I will be compiling all of today and tomorrow’s votes and will announce the winner in Saturday’s “FAVORITES OF 2011” post which will also include all of the winners for the categories listed above!!! Vote below!

**************VOTING HAS CLOSED!!!!****************

Thanks so much for voting! Be sure to share this link!

Stay tuned for the full winner’s list on Saturday!

Also be sure to view the Click Chick Images website every now and then–it’s updated frequently! And e-mail me at , I’d love to hear from you!

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